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With eForms, you can create and electronically distribute COVID-19-related forms to employees, which they can complete and sign online. Some of the forms that will be made available include:

  • IT requests for issuing laptops, VPN remote log-in access, and more 
  • Telecommuting requests for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Catastrophic leave requests
  • Forms for donating leave to another employee affected by COVID-19
  • Tips for working remotely
  • Or create your own COVID-19 form and an associated workflow

You’ll also have access to other COVID-19 forms, and associated workflows, as they are created by our community of customers who contribute to the global form bank in an effort to assist others.  



With Learn, you can create, assign, and track online courses for your employees that relate to COVID-19. Some of the courses that you’ll be able to make available to teams across your organization include:

  • COVID-19: A Pandemic Response
  • Practicing Hand Hygiene
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Emergency Communication in the Workplace
  • 8 Tips for Working from Home
  • Enhancing Productivity with Remote Workers: How to be a Productive Remote Worker
  • Or build your own COVID-19 training by uploading a PowerPoint deck. You can even add quizzes. No coding necessary



With Onboard, you can assign and track tasks, schedule check-ins, and create forms or utilize ones that have already been created to help manage and onboard remote workers during COVID-19. A few examples include:

  • Update your I-9 process to follow the process for remote employees
  • Create a telecommuting agreement (or leverage an already existing one via the global form bank)
  • Assign tasks to IT that help employees get the technology they need to work from home