How to Save Time Managing Policies with the All-New Comply Module



These days, public sector HR teams need to be able to update policies quickly and efficiently. But many policy management processes are stuck in the past. Communicating and collaborating with other departments remains difficult and time-consuming. Digging through file cabinets and folders is tedious and inefficient. Tracking employee signatures via email is frustrating at best. 

Modernizing your policy management process will save you time, resources, and prepare you for the future. The right policy management solution will streamline your processes, be easy to use, keep you organized and compliant, and make life easier for you and your employees. Meet Comply, the newest offering from NEOGOV. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore solutions to traditional policy management problems and show you how the Comply Module will benefit your team. Including:

  • Updating policies 4x faster
  • Creating a single source of truth for all your policies and documents
  • Managing, updating, distributing, and tracking important documents with ease
  • Employee empowerment and accountability 
  • Easy collaboration with key stakeholders on policy updates
  • And much more!

Modernizing your policy management is fast becoming a necessity. Watch for our webinar today to learn how Comply can help prepare you for the future.