How Configurable Software Simplified Performance Management at Manatee County Sheriff’s Office



In public service, performance management is never simple – and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office struggled on a daily basis with complex public safety processes. 

From tracking various evaluation cycles to updating position and manager changes, to organizing spreadsheets and paper forms – everything about performance management was overly manual and wildly inefficient for staff, supervisors and HR alike. 

In this impactful webinar, learn firsthand from Julie Beckwith, HR Manager at Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, how NEOGOV’s performance management solution, Perform, helped the agency: 

  • Save over 2,100 hours of manual HR work with automated processes
  • Boost evaluation completion rates by 30% – with 97% completed on time
  • Give employees and managers a meaningful way to collaborate and improve

Join us at 10am PST / 1pm EST on Thursday, April 18, to learn how Perform can simplify even the most complex performance management processes for your agency, too. 

Key Speakers: 

  • Julie Beckwith, HR Manager, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
  • Gary Carey, Mayor - City of Walker, MI, and Sales Director, NEOGOV