Workforce Transformation:
Tracking & Managing the New Normal



In today’s dynamic public sector, workplace changes that would typically take decades to happen are now happening overnight – and HR processes are no exception. For many HR teams, moving away from manual, paper-based processes is crucial to creating a more efficient and effective workforce that can keep up with the “new normal.” 

Join us to learn best practices from our team of HR experts on process management and employee tracking. By attending this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • The current post-pandemic landscape and the need to adapt to changing policies and procedures 
  • Examples of how other agencies are keeping up with changes and maintaining pandemic compliance 
  • How to better manage a hybrid workforce with the help of form management tools
  • How to leverage NEOGOV’s tool, eForms, to create a comprehensive employee document management system via intelligent forms, process builders, electronic signatures, and reporting
  • How to maximize your workplace’s safety and efficiency by leveraging paperless data and compliance solutions