The Quiet Crisis in 2023: What Government Job Seekers Actually Want report cover

Optimize Your Hiring With Data Insights


The public sector is facing an unprecedented recruitment challenge. Last year’s Quiet Crisis Report laid bare a jarring reality: dwindling job applicants, employees jumping ship to the private sector, and a growing wave of retirements.

This year the trend has continued – applications per job have dropped another 17%. How can agencies recover and start filling critical roles? It starts with understanding what candidates actually want, providing it, and then promoting it. Based on survey data from 850+ government job seekers, we’ll help you discern their desires in 5 key areas:

Download the report today to learn:

  • Where they search for jobs
  • What makes jobs most appealing
  • What benefits they prefer
  • Ways to boost the hiring process
  • How to improve job descriptions

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